Spread 1 Waiting for Couple at Denver Temple
Spread 2 Couple Emerges from Temple After Sealing
Spread 3 Dress and Jewelry Details of Bride
Spread 4 Groom and Bride Gazebo
Spread 5 Bride and Groom Portraits
Spread 6 Brides Extended Family
Spread 7 Grandparents and Immediate Family
Spread 8 Family Photos

Denver Temple Wedding & Boyko Barn Portraits

This photo book includes photography at the Denver Temple following a couple's sealing. After family photos, the bride and groom enjoyed a private photo session at Boyko Barn in Greenwood, Colorado. The couple then met up with family for a backyard vow ceremony and refreshments.

PhotoBook Details

The final book featured a hard, self-cover and was printed in a 12-inch square format. This allowed the couple to easily resize the book into an 8-inch square or 10-inch square books for their families.

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