Wedding Dress Framed in Wooden Window with Evergreens
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Wedding Dress Framed in Wooden Window with Evergreens

Backlighting Illuminates Lace Details

The perfect spot to photograph Kristen's beautiful lace wedding dress at Christ the King Catholic Church wasn't in the getting ready room.

This beautiful window in the reception room contained gorgeous warm afternoon sunlight and featured a golden-colored varnish that perfectly added to the radiance of the scene. The green pines in the distance said "Evergreen," helping us capture the natural beauty of this location.

We also got lucky that the window was constructed in such a way that we could simply twist and use the top of the pretty satin hanger to hang the dress freely. Everything stayed in place, as if the dress was meant to be there.

Thank you to the beverage manager for helping us out by moving a few things out of frame to make this shot possible.

Location: 4291 Evergreen Pkwy, Evergreen, CO 80439.

Keywords: Catholic (4), Church (2), Classic (2), Details (4), Evergreen.

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