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Rings, one inscribed "We Got This," on a Bible

Wedding ring details at Mt Zion Lutheran Church - Denver

During the getting-ready part of the day, the bride asked in our pre-meeting that I photograph the engagement and wedding rings together. She had talked about the importance of the faith between she and her husband. I suggested thinking about bringing a Bible with a favorite passage marked to use during the photo session as a background for the rings. I'm so happy she did!

I opened the Bible and after several tries to balance the rings, came up with a great layout. Since we photographed in the basement of the church, we used natural window light with a fill card to illuminate the scene.

I enjoyed the surprise of seeing the inscription inside of the groom's ring and decided to showcase this spirited message in the photograph.

Location: 500 Drake St, Denver, CO 80221.

Keywords: Denver (2), Mt Zion Lutheran Church (3), Traditional (7).

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