Joy Under the Chuppa  - Chautauqua Park
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Joy Under the Chuppa - Chautauqua Park

Pure joy. Holding your partner, hand in hand.

I love how Ilyse laughs, pulling into Lowell, getting just a bit closer.

The twists of fabric in the chuppa (canopy) show how the wind made its presence known that day. But neither wind, nor rain, could dampen the couple's spirits.

Lesson of the day: Nature and chaos are natural parts of life that relationships can weather and withstand.

The gathering of intimate family members sang, cried and laughed as the couple joined together in a traditional ceremony in the beauty of Chautauqua Park, Boulder.

Location: Baseline Rd & 9th St, Boulder, CO 80302.

Keywords: Boulder (3), Chautauqua Park (3), Jewish, Traditional (7).

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